Works of Andrew Greeley

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Andrew M. Greeley (1928 – 2013) was an American Roman Catholic priest, sociologist, journalist, and popular novelist. Greeley was born into a large Irish Catholic family in a suburb of Chicago and grew up during the Depression. He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1954. While an assistant pastor in the 1950s and early 1960s, Greeley studied sociology at the University of Chicago, obtaining a PhD in 1964. He published more than 70 scholarly works in his lifetime and almost as many novels, writing on average two books a year. Greeley once said that he wrote 5,000 words a day, and quipped, “Why should I practice contraception on my ideas?”

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1958The Church in the SuburbsNon-fiction
1963Religion and Career: A Study of College GraduatesNon-fiction
1966The Education of Catholic AmericansNon-fictionWith Peter H. Rossi. NORC Monographs in Social Research, No. 6
1966The Hesitant Pilgrim: American Catholicism After the CouncilNon-fiction
1967The Catholic Experience: A Sociologist's Interpretation of the History of American CatholicismNon-fiction
1967The Changing Catholic CollegeNon-fictionNORC Monographs in Social Research, No. 13
1968Uncertain Trumpet: The Priest in Modern AmericaNon-fiction
1968The Crucible of Change: The Social Dynamics of Pastoral PracticeNon-fiction
1968What Do We Believe? The Stance of Religion in AmericaNon-fictionWith Martin E. Marty & Stuart E. Rosenberg
1968The Student in Higher EducationNon-fiction
1969From Backwater to Mainstream: A Profile of Catholic Higher EducationNon-fiction
1969Religion in the Year 2000Non-fiction
1969A Future to Hope in: Socio-religious SpeculationsNon-fiction
1969Life for a WandererNon-fiction
1970Recent Alumni and Higher Education: A Survey of College GraduatesNon-fictionWith Joe L. Spaeth
1970Can Catholic Schools Survive? with William E. BrownNon-fictionWith William E. Brown
1971Why Can't They Be Like Us?Non-fiction
1971American PriestsNon-fictionPrepared for the US Catholic Conference
1972The Denominational SocietyNon-fiction
1972Unsecular ManNon-fiction
1972Priests in the U.S.: Reflections on a SurveyNon-fiction
1972That Most Distressful Nation: The Taming of the American IrishNon-fiction
1972The Catholic Priest in the U.S.: Sociological InvestigationsNon-fiction
1974Ethnicity in the U.S.: A Preliminary ReconnaissanceNon-fiction
1974Building CoalitionsNon-fiction
1975The Sociology of the ParanormalNon-fictionStudies in Religion and Ethnicity, Vol. 3
1975The Magic CupFiction
1976Ethnicity, Denomination and InequalityNon-fictionSage Papers in the Social Sciences, Vol. 4
1977The American Catholic: A Social PortraitNon-fiction
1977No Bigger Than NecessaryNon-fiction
1979Crisis in the Church: A Study of Religion in AmericaNon-fiction
1980Ethnic Drinking SubculturesNon-fictionWith William C. McCready & Gary Theisen
1980The Young Catholic FamilyNon-fiction
1980Death in AprilFiction
1981The Religious ImaginationNon-fiction
1981Young Catholics in the United States and CanadaNon-fictionWith Joan Fee, William C. McCready, & Teresa Sullivan
1981The Cardinal SinsFiction
1981The Irish Americans: The Rise to Money and PowerNon-fiction
1981Parish, Priest and PeopleNon-fictionWith Mary Durkin, David Tracy, John Shea, and William C. McCready
1982Catholic High Schools and Minority StudentsNon-fiction
1982The Bottom Line CatechismNon-fiction
1982Religion: A Secular TheoryNon-fiction
1982Thy Brother's WifePassover TrilogyFiction
1983The Catholic Why? BookNon-fiction
1983The Dilemma of American Immigration: Beyond the Golden DoorNon-fictionWith Pastora Cafferty, Barry Chiswick, & Teresa Sullivan
1983Ascent Into HellPassover TrilogyFiction
1984Angry Catholic WomenNon-fictionWith Mary Durkin
1984How to Save the Catholic ChurchNon-fictionWith Mary Durkin
1984Lord of the DancePassover TrilogyFiction
1985American Catholics Since the CouncilNon-fiction
1985Virgin and MartyrTime Between the StarsFiction
1985Angels of SeptemberTime Between the StarsFiction
1985Happy are the MeekBlackie RyanFiction
1986Confessions of a Parish PriestMemoir
1986God GameFiction
1986Happy are the Clean of HeartBlackie RyanFiction
1987Catholic Contributions: Sociology & PolicyNon-fictionWith Bishop William McManus
1987An Andrew Greeley Reader: Volume OneNon-fiction
1987Patience of a SaintTime Between the StarsFiction
1987The Final PlanetFiction
1987Happy Are Those Who Thirst for JusticeBlackie RyanFiction
1987Rite of SpringTime Between the StarsFiction
1988The Irish Americans: The Rise to Money and PowerNon-fiction
1988When Life Hurts: Healing Themes from the GospelsNon-fiction
1988God in Popular CultureNon-fiction
1988Sexual Intimacy: Love and PlayNon-fiction
1988Myths of ReligionNon-fiction
1988Angel FireFiction
1989Religious Change in AmericaNon-fiction
1989Love SongTime Between the StarsFiction
1989St. Valentine's NightTime Between the StarsFiction
1989Andrew Greeley's ChicagoPhotographs
1989All About WomenFiction
1990The Catholic MythNon-fiction
1990The Bible and UsNon-fictionWith Jacob Neusner
1990The Cardinal VirtuesMaggie WardFiction
1990The IrishPhotographs
1991Faithful Attraction: Discovering Intimacy, Love, and Fidelity in American MarriageNon-fiction
1991The Search for Maggie WardMaggie WardFiction
1991An Occasion of SinFiction
1992Happy Are the MercifulBlackie RyanFiction
1992Wages of SinTime Between the StarsFiction
1993Happy Are the Peace MakersBlackie RyanFiction
1993Fall From GraceFiction
1994Irish GoldNuala Anne McGrailFiction
1994Happy Are the Poor in SpiritBlackie RyanFiction
1994Murder Is My BusinessAnthology
1995Sex: The Catholic ExperienceNon-fiction
1995Religion as PoetryNon-fiction
1995Angel LightFiction
1995Sociology and Religion: A Collection of ReadingsNon-fiction
1995Happy Are Those Who MournBlackie RyanFiction
1996Common GroundNon-fictionWith Jacob Neusner
1996White SmokeFiction
1996Happy Are The OppressedBlackie RyanFiction
1996Irish LaceNuala Anne McGrailFiction
1997Forging a Common FutureNon-fictionWith Chilton, Green, & Neusner
1997I Hope You’re Listening GodNon-fiction
1997Summer at the LakeFiction
1997Star Bright! New YorkFiction
1997The Bishop at SeaBlackie RyanFiction
1998Irish WhiskeyNuala Anne McGrailFiction
1998Contract With an AngelFiction
1998A Midwinter’s TaleO'MalleysFiction
1998The Bishop and the Three KingsBlackie RyanFiction
1999Younger than SpringtimeO'MalleysFiction
1999Irish MistNuala Anne McGrailFiction
1999Furthermore! Memories of a Parish PriestMemoir
2000The Bishop and the Missing L-TrainBlackie RyanFiction
2000A Christmas WeddingO'MalleysFiction
2000Irish EyesNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2000Murder Most DivineAnthology
2001Irish LoveNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2001The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. GermainBlackie RyanFiction
2001September SongO'MalleysFiction
2002Book of LoveNon-fiction
2002Irish StewNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2002The Bishop in the West WingBlackie RyanFiction
2002The Mysteries of Grace by Dr. Allienne R. BeckerBiography
2003Second SpringO'MalleysFiction
2003The Great Mysteries: Experiencing Catholic Faith from the Inside Out OctoberNon-fiction
2003The Bishop Goes to the UniversityBlackie RyanFiction
2004Catholic Revolution: New Wine, Old Wineskins, and the Second Vatican CouncilNon-fiction
2004The Priestly SinsFiction
2004Emerald Magic: Great Tales of Irish FantasyAnthology
2004Priests: A Calling in CrisisNon-fiction
2005The Truth about Conservative Christians: What They Think and What They BelieveNon-fictionWith Michael Hout
2005Golden YearsO'MalleysFiction
2005The Making Of The Pope 2005Non-fiction
2005Irish CreamNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2006The Senator and the PriestO'MalleysFiction
2006Irish CrystalNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2007Jesus: A Meditation on His Stories and His Relationships with WomenNon-fiction
2007A Stupid, Unjust, And Criminal War: Iraq 2001-2007Non-fiction
2007The Bishop at the LakeBlackie RyanFiction
2008Irish TigerNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2008Irish LinenNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2008The Bishop in AndulusiaBlackie RyanFiction
2009Irish TweedNuala Anne McGrailFiction
2009Home for ChristmasFiction