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Debbie Macomber (born in 1948 in Yakima, Washington) is an American author of romance novels and contemporary women’s fiction. Four of her novels have become made-for-TV-movies, and one of her series, Cedar Cove, is the basis for a Hallmark made-for-TV series starring Andie Macdowell, now in its third season. Macomber writes, “I knew from the time I was in grade school that I wanted to write books… I started my first book at age 30, as a young mother of four, so I had some living under my belt.” She began writing romance novels that were published in paperback by Silhouette and Harlequin, and graduated to contemporary women’s fiction by the 1990s. She and her husband Wayne raised four children and have grandchildren. They live in Port Orchard, Washington, a small town that is the basis for the ficitonal Cedar Cove.

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1984-05-01Undercover Dreamer
1984-08-01A Girl Like Janet
1984-11-01Thanksgiving Prayer
1984-12-01The Gift of Christmas
1985-03-01Adam's Image
1985-03-01Love Thy Neighbor
1985-10-01A Friend or Two
1985-12-01Christmas Masquerade
1986-02-01Shadow Chasing
1986-04-01Yesterday's Hero
1986-06-01Laughter in the Rain
1986-06-01The Matchmakers
1986-07-01Jury of His Peers
1986-10-01Yesterday Once More
1986-12-01Midnight Clear
1986-12-01Silhouette Christmas Stories
1987-03-01Sugar and Spice
1987-05-01Love by Degree
1987-06-01No Competition
1987-07-01All Things Considered
1987-08-01Love 'n' Marriage
1987-11-01Mail-Order Bride
1988-01-01Cindy and the PrinceFairy Tale Weddings
1988-03-01Some Kind of WonderfulFairy Tale Weddings
1988-04-01Almost ParadiseFairy Tale Weddings
1988-08-01Any Sunday
1988-10-01The Playboy and the Widow
1988-11-01Navy WifeNavy
1988-11-01Navy Brides
1989-02-01Almost an Angel
1989-03-01Navy BluesNavy
1989-06-01For All My Tomorrows
1989-07-01Yours and Mine
1989-12-01Denim and Diamonds
1990-01-01Christmas Treasures
1990-02-01Fallen Angel
1990-03-01A Little Bit Country
1990-06-01The Courtship of Carol Sommars
1990-06-01Country Bride
1990-09-01Rainy Day Kisses
1991-02-01My Valentine
1991-03-01First Comes Marriage
1991-04-01Navy BratNavy
1991-06-01Father's Day
1991-07-01Navy WomanNavy
1991-07-01Navy Grooms
1991-09-01Here Comes Trouble
1991-10-01Navy BabyNavy
1991-11-01The Forgetful Bride
1992-02-01My Hero
1992-03-01Marriage of InconvenienceManning
1992-04-01To Have and to Hold
1992-04-01The First Man You Meet
1992-05-01Stand-In WifeManning
1992-05-01The Man You'll Marry
1992-06-15Bride on the LooseManning
1992-11-01ValerieOrchard Valley
1992-12-08StephanieOrchard Valley
1993-01-01NorahOrchard Valley
1993-02-01Hasty Wedding
1993-04-01To Mother with Love
1993-05-01Morning Comes Softly
1993-07-01Lone Star Lovin'
1993-08-17Groom WantedFrom This Day Forward
1993-09-18Bride WantedFrom This Day Forward
1993-10-01Marriage WantedFrom This Day Forward
1993-10-01Ready for Romance
1993-12-01Solution: Marriage
1993-12-28A Season of AngelsAngelic Intervention
1994-03-01Men in Uniform
1994-04-01Ready for Marriage
1994-05-01Purrfect Love
1994-06-01The Bachelor Prince
1994-07-01Baby Blessed
1994-07-01One Night
1994-11-01Little Matchmakers
1994-12-01The Trouble with AngelsAngelic Intervention
1995-01-01Same Time, Next YearManning
1995-04-01Legendary Lovers
1995-04-01Three Mothers & A Cradle
1995-06-01Someday SoonDeliverance Company
1995-07-01Wanted: Perfect Partner
1995-10-01Brides for BrothersMidnight Sons
1995-11-01Touched by AngelsAngelic Intervention
1995-11-01The Marriage RiskMidnight Sons
1995-12-08Daddy's Little HelperMidnight Sons
1996-01-01Just Married
1996-02-01Because of the BabyMidnight Sons
1996-03-01Falling for HimMidnight Sons
1996-04-01Ending in MarriageMidnight Sons
1996-05-01A Spring Bouquet
1996-05-01Almost Home
1996-05-01Runaway Brides
1996-06-01Sooner or LaterDeliverance Company
1996-10-01Mrs. MiracleAngelic Intervention
1996-10-01Home for Christmas
1996-11-01Silver Bells
1996-11-01That Holiday Feeling
1996-11-01Christmas Kisses
1996-11-10Christmas Angels
1997-03-01This Matter of Marriage
1997-10-26Three Brides, No Groom
1997-10-28Orchard Valley
1998-02-01Lonesome CowboyHeart of Texas
1998-03-01Texas Two-StepHeart of Texas
1998-04-01Caroline's ChildHeart of Texas
1998-05-01Dr. TexasHeart of Texas
1998-05-01Mothers & Daughters
1998-06-01Nell's CowboyHeart of Texas
1998-07-01Lone Star BabyHeart of Texas
1998-09-01That Summer Place
1998-10-01Can This Be Christmas?Christmas
1999-01-01Through the Years
1999-04-01Moon Over WaterDeliverance Company
1999-04-01The Sooner the Better
1999-09-01Promise, TexasHeart of Texas
1999-10-01Shirley, Goodness and MercyAngelic Intervention
1999-11-01Tis the Season
2000-03-01Small Town Christmas
2000-04-01Dakota BornDakota
2000-04-30Family Men
2000-06-25The Last Two Bachelors
2000-08-01Dakota HomeDakota
2000-09-01Midnight Sons and DaughtersMidnight Sons
2000-09-01Born in a Small Town
2000-10-01Return to PromiseHeart of Texas
2000-10-01A Country Christmas
2000-11-01Holiday Blessings
2001-05-28Always DakotaDakota
2001-06-01Thursdays at Eight
2001-07-01Take 5, Volume 1
2001-08-01An Ideal Marriage?
2001-09-0116 Lighthouse RoadCedar Cove
2001-10-01Buffalo ValleyDakota
2002-01-01Sealed with a Kiss
2002-06-01Between Friends
2002-07-02Darling Daughters
2002-09-01204 Rosewood LaneCedar Cove
2002-10-01The Christmas BasketChristmas
2002-10-01On a Snowy Night
2002-11-01A Gift to Last
2002-11-07Angels Everywhere
2003-01-01This Time for Keeps
2003-05-01Changing Habits
2003-09-01311 Pelican CourtCedar Cove
2003-10-01The Snow BrideChristmas
2003-11-01Those Christmas AngelsAngelic Intervention
2003-11-01Angels at Christmas
2004-05-01The Shop on Blossom StreetBlossom Street
2004-09-0144 Cranberry PointCedar Cove
2004-11-01When Christmas ComesChristmas
2005-05-01A Good YarnBlossom Street
2005-07-01Navy HusbandNavy
2005-09-0150 Harbor StreetCedar Cove
2005-10-25More Than Words: Stories of the Heart
2005-11-01There's Something About ChristmasChristmas
2005-11-01Home for the Holidays
2006-02-01Hearts Divided
2006-05-01Susannah's GardenBlossom Street
2006-05-11Someday Soon & Sooner or Later
2006-07-11The Wyoming Kid
2006-09-016 Rainier DriveCedar Cove
2006-10-01Christmas LettersBlossom Street
2006-11-01Glad Tidings
2006-12-01Ready for Love
2007-01-02Be My Valentine
2007-02-05Heart of Texas Volume 1
2007-03-08Knit Together: Discover God's Pattern for Your LifeNonfiction
2007-05-01Back on Blossom StreetBlossom Street
2007-06-01Country Brides
2007-09-0174 Seaside AvenueCedar Cove
2007-09-04Heart of Texas Volume 2
2007-10-01Where Angels GoAngelic Intervention
2007-11-01Christmas Wishes
2008-01-01The Manning Sisters
2008-01-01Heart of Texas Volume 3
2008-04-29Twenty WishesBlossom Street
2008-08-01The Manning Brides
2008-09-018 Sandpiper WayCedar Cove
2008-10-01A Cedar Cove ChristmasCedar Cove
2008-12-01The Manning Grooms
2009-01-01Right Next Door
2009-04-28Summer on Blossom StreetBlossom Street
2009-06-30Midnight Sons Volume 2
2009-07-28Wyoming Brides
2009-08-25Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove CookbookCedar Cove
2009-09-0192 Pacific BoulevardCedar Cove
2009-09-29The Perfect ChristmasChristmas
2009-09-29The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater... That Grandma Knit
2009-11-03One Simple ActNonfiction
2009-11-24Fairy Tale Weddings
2009-12-09The Man You'll Marry
2010-01-06Midnight Sons Volume 3
2010-02-01Midnight Sons Volume 1
2010-04-27Hannah's ListBlossom Street
2010-05-25Orchard Valley Grooms
2010-07-27Orchard Valley Brides
2010-08-311022 Evergreen PlaceCedar Cove
2010-09-28Call Me Mrs. MiracleAngelic Intervention
2010-10-26Christmas in Cedar Cove
2010-11-02God's Guest ListNonfiction
2011-02-22An Engagement in Seattle
2011-03-29The Knitting DiariesBlossom Street
2011-04-26A Turn in the RoadBlossom Street
2011-07-26Out of the Rain
2011-08-301105 Yakima StreetCedar Cove
2011-09-271225 Christmas Tree LaneCedar Cove
2011-09-27Debbie Macomber's Christmas CookbookNonfiction
2011-10-25Trading Christmas
2011-11-22Learning to Love
2011-12-02The Yippy, Yappy Yorkie in the Green Doggy SweaterBlossom Street
2011-12-27You... Again
2012-01-03One Perfect WordNonfiction
2012-04-03Patterns of Grace: Devotions from the HeartNonfiction
2012-05-29The Unexpected Husband
2012-06-01Family Affair
2012-06-18When First They MetRose Harbor
2012-08-14The Inn at Rose HarborRose Harbor
2012-08-28I Left My Heart
2012-10-23Angels at the TableAngelic Intervention
2013-01-09Love in Plain Sight
2013-04-02Starting NowBlossom Street
2013-05-28Once Upon a Time: Discovering Our Forever AfterNonfiction
2013-07-15Lost and Found in Cedar CoveRose Harbor
2013-08-13Rose Harbor in BloomRose Harbor
2013-10-08Starry NightChristmas
2013-12-17White Lace and Promises
2013-12-31Marriage Between Friends
2014-01-28The Way to a Man's Heart
2014-01-28A Man's Heart
2014-02-25North to Alaska
2014-02-25That Wintry Feeling
2014-02-25Borrowed Dreams
2014-03-25Blossom Street BridesBlossom Street
2014-05-27Promise Me Forever
2014-05-27On a Clear Day
2014-07-01Jury of His Peers
2014-07-01Friends and Then Some
2014-07-01Fallen Angel
2014-08-12Love Letters: A Rose Harbor NovelRose Harbor
2014-08-26To Love and Protect
2014-09-16Married in Seattle
2014-09-30Choir of Angels
2014-10-07Mr. MiracleAngelic Intervention
2014-11-01Together for Christmas
2014-11-01Home in Seattle
2015-01-01Together Again
2015-01-13The Trouble With Caasi
2015-01-13Reflections of Yesterday
2015-01-27The Reluctant Groom
2015-02-16A Real Prince
2015-03-10Last One HomeNew Beginnings
2015-07-28Falling for HerRose Harbor
2015-08-11Silver LiningsRose Harbor
2015-10-06Dashing Through The SnowChristmas
2016-01-26The Sheriff Takes a Wife
2016-01-26The Cowboy's Lady
2016-02-23A Girl's Guide to Moving OnNew Beginnings
2016-04-26The World of Debbie Macomber: Come Home to Color
2016-08-02Sweet TomorrowsRose Harbor