Novels of Fern Michaels

fern michaels

The author was born Mary Ruth Kuczkir in 1933 in Pennsylvania. She went by Ruth in her early years and Mary once she entered the business world. Her family called her Dink based on a remark her father was said to have made at her birth (at 4 lb. 8 oz. a "dinky little thing").

Kuczkir married and settled in New Jersey. She wrote her first book after the youngest of her five children was in school, in the early 1970s. Her husband at the time was not supportive of her chosen vocation and she divorced him and moved to South Carolina, where she lives to this day.

Michaels writes romances usually with strong female protagonists who persevere against great odds, as she has herself done in her life. The author says on her website, "Fern Michaels is not a person, she is what I do." Of her 147 published books (and counting), over 90 have been New York Times bestsellers.

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1975Pride And Passion
1976Vixen In Velvet
1977Captive PassionsCaptives
1979Captive EmbracesCaptives
1980Captive SplendorsCaptives
1980Delta Ladies
1980Golden Lasso
1980Sea Gypsy
1981Beyond Tomorrow
1981Captive Innocence
1981Paint Me Rainbows
1981Whisper My Name
1981Without Warning
1982Panda Bear Is Critical
1982Wild Honey
1983All She Can Be
1983Free Spirit
1983Tender Warrior
1984Cinders To Satin
1985Texas RichTexas
1986Texas HeatTexas
1987To Taste The Wine
1989Sins of OmissionSins
1989Texas FuryTexas
1990Sins of the FleshSins
1991Captive SecretsCaptives
1991For All Their Lives
1993Texas SunriseTexas
1994Desperate Measures
1994Seasons Of Her Life
1994To Have And To Hold
1995A Gift Of Joy
1995Dear Emily
1996A Joyous Season
1996Vegas RichVegas
1996Wish List
1997Heart Of The Home
1997Heartbreak Ranch
1997Vegas HeatVegas
1997Vegas SunriseVegas
1998Finders Keepers
1998Sara's Song
1999Annie's Rainbow
1999Split Second
1999Through The Years
2000Five Golden Rings
2000Guest List
2000Listen To Your Heart
2000Picture Perfect
2000What You Wish For
2001Charming Lily
2001Kentucky RichKentucky
2001Plain Jane
2001The Future Scrolls
2002Kentucky HeatKentucky
2002Kentucky SunriseKentucky
2002No Place Like HomeCisco Family
2003About Face
2003Crown Jewel
2003Late Bloomer
2003Let It Snow
2003Maybe This Time
2003Trading Places
2003Weekend WarriorsThe Sisterhood
2004Deck the Halls
2004Dream of Me
2004Family BlessingsCisco Family
2004Jingle All The Way
2004PaybackThe Sisterhood
2004The Real Deal
2005Pretty Woman
2005The JuryThe Sisterhood
2005The Nosy Neighbor
2005VendettaThe Sisterhood
2006Fool Me Once
2006Hey, Good Looking
2006Lethal JusticeThe Sisterhood
2006Sugar And Spice
2006Sweet RevengeThe Sisterhood
2007Comfort and Joy
2007Free FallThe Sisterhood
2007Hide and SeekThe Sisterhood
2007Hokus PokusThe Sisterhood
2007The Marriage Game
2007Up Close and Personal
2008Collateral DamageThe Sisterhood
2008Fast TrackThe Sisterhood
2008Final JusticeThe Sisterhood
2008Silver Bells
2009Mr. and Miss Anonymous
2009Razor SharpThe Sisterhood
2009Snow Angels
2009The ScoopThe Godmothers
2009Under the RadarThe Sisterhood
2009Vanishing ActThe Sisterhood
2010Cross RoadsThe Sisterhood
2010Deadly DealsThe Sisterhood
2010Déjà VuThe Sisterhood
2010ExclusiveThe Godmothers
2010Game OverThe Sisterhood
2010Holiday Magic
2010I'll Be Home For Christmas
2010Return to Sender
2011Christmas at Timberwoods
2011Home FreeThe Sisterhood
2011Late EditionThe Godmothers
2011Southern Comfort
2012A Winter Wonderland
2012Breaking NewsThe Godmothers
2012Coming Home for Christmas
2012DeadlineThe Godmothers
2012Fancy Dancer
2012Tuesday's Child
2013Balancing Act
2013BlindsidedThe Sisterhood
2013ClassifiedThe Godmothers
2013Forget Me Not
2013Gotcha!The Sisterhood
2013Secret Santa
2013The Blossom Sisters
2014A Family Affair
2014Extra! Extra!The Godmothers
2014Eyes OnlyThe Sisterhood
2014Kiss and TellThe Sisterhood
2014Take Down
2014Upside Down
2014When The Snow Falls
2015Double DownMen of the Sisterhood
2015In Plain SightThe Sisterhood
2015Perfect Match
2015Point BlankThe Sisterhood
2015Wishes For Christmas
2016Fast and LooseMen of the Sisterhood
2016No Safe Secret