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James Brendan Patterson (born 1947) is an American author largely known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross. Patterson has also written the series Michael Bennett, Women's Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Daniel X, and Witch and Wizard, as well as stand-alone thrillers, romance novels, and non-fiction. He writes for young adults, middle grades, and children as well as for adults.

Patterson's books have sold more than 350 million copies. He holds Guinness World Records for the following: having the largest number of New York Times bestsellers (114), having the largest number of NYTimes #1 bestsellers (67), and being the first person to sell 1 million e-books. He is also the first author to have #1 NYTimes bestsellers on the adult and children's lists simoltaneously.

Patterson retired from a career as an advertising executive in 1996 and now writes full-time. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.

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1976The Thomas Berryman Number
1977The Jericho CommandmentA.k.a. See How They Run (1997)
1980VirginA.k.a. Cradle and All; TV (1991): Child of Darkness/Child of Light
1986Black MarketA.k.a. Black Friday (2000)
1988The Midnight Club
1993Along Came a SpiderAlex CrossFilm (1991)
1995Kiss the GirlsAlex CrossFilm (1997)
1995Season of the Machete
1996Hide & Seek
1996Miracle on the 17th GreenWith Peter De Jonge; TV (1999): starring Meredith Baxter
1996Jack & JillAlex Cross
1997Cat & MouseAlex Cross
1998When the Wind Blows
1999Pop Goes the WeaselAlex Cross
2000Cradle and All
2000Roses Are RedAlex Cross
20011st to DieWomen's Murder ClubTV (2003): starring Tracy Pollan; (2007): based on the series
2001Suzanne's Diary for NicholasTV (2005)
2001Violets Are BlueAlex Cross
20022nd ChanceWomen's Murder ClubWith Andrew Gross
2002The Beach HouseWith Peter De Jonge; sequel to When the Wind Blows
2002Four Blind MiceAlex Cross
2003The JesterWith Andrew Gross
2003The Lake House
2003The Big Bad WolfAlex Cross
20043rd DegreeWomen's Murder ClubWith Andrew Gross
2004Sam's Letters to Jennifer
2004London BridgesAlex Cross
2004Santa KidChildren's
20054th of JulyWomen's Murder Club
2005HoneymoonWith Howard Roughan
2005LifeguardWith Andrew Gross
2005The Angel ExperimentMaximum Ride
2005Maximum Ride: The Angel ExperimentMaximum RideYoung Adult
2005Mary, MaryAlex Cross
2006Beach Road
2006Judge & JuryWith Andrew Gross
2006Maximum Ride: School's Out ForeverMaximum RideYoung Adult
2006The 5th HorsemanWomen's Murder Club
2006Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up All NightAnthology
2006School's Out-ForeverMaximum Ride
2007Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsMaximum RideYoung Adult
2007Step on a CrackMichael Bennett
2007The 6th TargetWomen's Murder Club
2007The QuickieWith Michael Ledwidge
2007You've Been WarnedWith Howard Roughan
2007Saving the World & Other Extreme SportsMaximum Ride
2007Alex CrossAlex CrossA.k.a. Cross; Movie (2012) starring Tyler Perry
2007Double CrossAlex Cross
20087th HeavenWomen's Murder Club
2008Maximum Ride: The Final WarningMaximum RideYoung Adult
2008The Final WarningMaximum Ride
2008Sundays at Tiffany'sWith Gabrielle Charbonnet; TV (2010)
2008The Dangerous Days of Daniel XDaniel XWith Michael Ledwidge; Young Adult
2008SailWith Howard Roughan
2008Cross CountryAlex Cross
2008Watch the SkiesDaniel XWith Ned Rust; Young Adult
2009Maximum Ride Volume 1Maximum RideWith Na Rae Lee; graphic novel; Young Adult
2009Run For Your LifeMichael Bennett
2009MaxMaximum RideYoung Adult
2009The 8th ConfessionWomen's Murder Club
2009Demons and DruidsDaniel XYoung Adult
2009Worst CaseMichael Bennett
2009Alex Cross's TrialAlex CrossNot part of main series
2009The 9th JudgmentWomen's Murder Club
2009I, Alex CrossAlex Cross
2009Game OverDaniel XYoung Adult
2010Tick TockMichael Bennett
2010Don't Blink
2010FangMaximum RideFilm (2010): Maximum Ride
201010th AnniversaryWomen's Murder Club
2010The Postcard Killers
2010ArmageddonDaniel XYoung Adult
2010The Murder of King TutWith Martin Dugard; non-fiction
2010I, Michael BennettMichael Bennett
201011th HourWomen's Murder Club
2010Cross FireAlex Cross
2010Lights OutDaniel XYoung Adult
2011GoneMichael Bennett
201112th of NeverWomen's Murder Club
2011AngelMaximum Ride
2011Bloody Valentine
2011Witch & WizardWitch & WizardWith Gabrielle Charbonnet; Children's
2011Witch and Wizard, Volume 2: Operation ZeroWitch & Wizard
2011Private: #1 SuspectPrivate
2011The GiftWitch & Wizard
2011Unlucky 13Women's Murder Club
2011BurnMichael Bennett
2011Witch & Wizard: The Manga, Vol. 1Witch & WizardWith Svetlana Chmakova
2011Guys Read: Boys Will Be BoysShort story
2011Kill Alex CrossAlex Cross
2011Battle for Shadowland
2012AlertMichael Bennett
2012Private L.A.Private
201214th Deadly SinWomen's Murder Club
2012Private VegasPrivate
2012Witch & Wizard: The Manga, Vol. 2Witch & WizardWith Ned Rust
201215th AffairWomen's Murder Club
2012Private GamesPrivateNot part of main series
2012NevermoreMaximum Ride
2012Private ParisPrivate
2012Merry Christmas, Alex CrossAlex CrossNot part of main series
2012The Worst Years of My LifeMiddle SchoolFilm (2016)
2013Get Me Out of Here!Middle School
2013Alex Cross, RunAlex Cross
2013How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake HillMiddle School
2013Witch & Wizard: The Manga, Vol. 3Witch & WizardWith Jill Dembowski
2013Ultimate Showdown!Middle School
2013NYPD RedNYPD Red
2013Save Rafe!Middle School
2013The FireWitch & Wizard
2013Confessions of a Murder SuspectConfessions
2013Just My Rotten Luck!Middle School
2013Dog's Best FriendMiddle SchoolForthcoming
2013Cross My HeartAlex Cross
2013I FunnyMiddle School
2014I Even FunnierMiddle School
2014The LostWitch & Wizard
2014Private LondonPrivateNot part of main series
2014Confessions: The Private School MurdersConfessions
2014I Totally FunniestMiddle School
2014How I Got Lost in London
2014I Funny TVMiddle School
2014Private BerlinPrivateNot part of main series
2014The KissWitch & Wizard
2014Treasure HuntersMiddle School
2014Homeroom DiariesYoung Adult
2014Private Down UnderPrivateNot part of main series
2014Confessions: The Paris MysteriesConfessions
2014Danger Down the NileMiddle School
2014Hope to DieAlex Cross
2014Secret of the Forbidden CityMiddle School
2014Private India: City on FirePrivateNot part of main series
2014NYPD Red 2NYPD Red
2015House of RobotsMiddle School
2015Confessions: The Murder of an AngelConfessions
2015Robots Go Wild!Middle School
2015Maximum Ride ForeverMaximum RideYoung Adult
2015Public School SuperheroMiddle School
2015ZooWith Michael Ledwidge; TV (2015)
2015NYPD Red 3NYPD Red
2015Cross JusticeAlex Cross
2016NYPD Red 4NYPD Red
2016Jacky Ha-HaMiddle School
2016Daniel X: Alien HunterDaniel XWith Leopoldo Gout; graphic novel; Young Adult
2016The GamesPrivate
2016Cross KillAlex CrossForthcoming
2016The GamesPrivateForthcoming
2016Peril at the Top of the WorldMiddle SchoolForthcoming
2016Ultimate FlightMiddle SchoolForthcoming
2016Private RioPrivateForthcoming
2016Peril at the Top of the WorldMiddle SchoolForthcoming
2016BullseyeMichael BennettForthcoming
2016My Brother Is a Big, Fat LiarMiddle SchoolForthcoming
2016Against Medical AdviceForthcoming; with Hal Friedman; non-fiction
2016Cross the LineAlex CrossForthcoming
2016Black & BlueForthcoming; with Candice Fox
2016Word of MouseForthcoming; with Chri Grabenstein, Joe Sutpin
2017The EndForthcoming
2017Finding Bailey MaeForthcoming