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elizabeth peters

Elizabeth Peters was one of two pen names used by Barbara Mertz. Mertz was born in 1927 in Canton, Illinois and graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in 1947, a master’s degree in 1950, and a PhD in Egyptology in 1952. She authored two books on ancient Egypt (both of which have been continuously in print since first publication), but primarily wrote mystery and suspense novels. Mertz also wrote gothic and supernatural thrillers under the pen name Barbara Michaels. She died at her home in Maryland in 2013.

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1968The Scroll of Wadi Qumran
1968The Jackal's Head
1969The Camelot Caper (aka Her Cousin John)
1970The Dead Sea Cipher
1972The Seventh SinnerJacqueline Kirby
1973Borrower of the NightVicky Bliss
1974The Murders of Richard IIIJacqueline Kirby
1975Crocodile on the SandbankAmelia Peabody
1976The Legend in Green Velvet
1977Devil May Care
1978Street of the Five MoonsVicky Bliss
1979Summer of the Dragon
1980The Love Talker
1981The Curse of the PharaohsAmelia Peabody
1982The Copenhagen Connection
1983Silhouette in ScarletVicky Bliss
1984Die for LoveJacqueline Kirby
1985The Mummy CaseAmelia Peabody
1986Lion in the ValleyAmelia Peabody
1987Trojan GoldVicky Bliss
1988The Deeds of the DisturberAmelia Peabody
1989Naked Once MoreJacqueline Kirby
1991The Last Camel Died at NoonAmelia Peabody
1992The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits
1992The Snake, the Crocodile and the DogAmelia Peabody
1994Night Train to MemphisVicky Bliss
1996The Hippopotamus PoolAmelia Peabody
1997Seeing a Large CatAmelia Peabody
1998Az Murder Goes... Artful
1998The Ape Who Guards the BalanceAmelia Peabody
1999Falcon at the PortalAmelia Peabody
2000He Shall Thunder in the SkyAmelia Peabody
2001Lord of the SilentAmelia Peabody
2002The Golden OneAmelia Peabody
2003Children of the StormAmelia Peabody
2003Amelia Peabody's Egypt
2004Guardian of the HorizonAmelia Peabody
2005The Serpent on the CrownAmelia Peabody
2006Tomb of the Golden BirdAmelia Peabody
2008The Laughter of Dead KingsVicky Bliss
2010A River in the SkyAmelia Peabody