Novels of Marge Piercy

marge piercy

Marge Piercy is an American poet, novelist, and social activist. She is author of more than seventeen volumes of poems, fifteen novels, and various other works. Her novel Woman on the Edge of Time mixes a time travel story with issues of social justice, feminism, and the treatment of the mentally ill. William Gibson has credited this novel as the birthplace of Cyberpunk. Piercy's novels and poetry often focus on feminist or social concerns. She lives with her husband, Ira Wood, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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1969Going Down Fast
1970Dance the Eagle to Sleep
1973Small Changes
1976Woman on the Edge of Time
1978High Cost of Living
1982Braided Lives
1985Fly Away Home
1988Gone to Soldiers
1990Summer People
1991He, She And It
1994The Longings of Women
1996City of Darkness, City of Light
1999Storm Tide
1999Three Women
2003The Third Child
2005Sex Wars
2014The Cost of Lunch, Etc. (Stories)