Nikoo Coffey McGoldrick & James McGoldrick

Novels of Nikoo Coffey McGoldrick & James McGoldrick


Nikoo and Jim are a rarity: a husband-and-wife team who write all their books collaboratively. They have written everything from historical romances to techno-thrillers. Read details in an interview at (“Jan” is an acronym for “Jim and Nikoo.”)

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datetitleseriespen name
1995The Thistle & the Roseas May McGoldrick
1996Angel of the SkyeMacPherson Family #1as May McGoldrick
1996Heart of the GoldMacPherson Family #2as May McGoldrick
1997The Beauty of the MistMacPherson Family #3as May McGoldrick
1998FlameMacPherson Family #5as May McGoldrick
1998The IntendedMacPherson Family #4as May McGoldrick
2000Marriage of Mindsas Nikoo McGoldrick & James A. McGoldrick (non-fiction)
2000The DreamerHighland Treasury #1as May McGoldrick
2000The EnchantressHighland Treasury #2as May McGoldrick
2000The FirebrandHighland Treasury #3as May McGoldrick
2001The PromiseRebel Promise #1as May McGoldrick
2001Trust Me Onceas Jan Coffey
2002Tess & the HighlanderMacPherson Family #6as May McGoldrick (young adult)
2002The RebelRebel Promise #2as May McGoldrick
2002Twice Burnedas Jan Coffey
2003Borrowed DreamsScottish Dreams #1as May McGoldrick
2003Captured DreamsScottish Dreams #2as May McGoldrick
2003Triple Threatas Jan Coffey
2004Dreams of DestinyScottish Dreams #3as May McGoldrick
2004Fourth Victimas Jan Coffey
2005Five in a Rowas Jan Coffey
2005Tropical Kissas Jan Coffey (young adult)
2006Love & Mayhemas Nicole Cody
2006Silent Watersas Jan Coffey (military)
2007The Projectas Jan Coffey
2008The Deadliest Strainas Jan Coffey
2009Blind Eyeas Jan Coffey
2009Step Write Upas Nikoo McGoldrick & James A. McGoldrick (non-fiction)
2009The Puppet Masteras Jan Coffey